Custom Jewellery Design

Design and Manufacture

We can design and manufacture anything you can dream of. Let us help you create the ultimate imagination piece or recreate something you’ve seen. We work within your budget and recommend what will work best for you.

Jewellery Remodelling

Recreate from Used Jewelerry

At Gerald Francis Jewellers we believe that no jewellery has reached the end of it’s life. We re-purpose, re-use and re-imagine new designs or restore items to their original beauty.

3D Cadding

See your Design in 3D

Once we have had a look at your design and budget we send it to get 3D cadded. Cadding helps to create anything you can imagine.


Within the Hour

Bring in your dull and dusty jewellery and let us clean it in an ultra sonic bath and polish within the hour and have it look like it is brand new.

Insurance Appraisal

Make sure you insure

Life can be strange, we lose things, forget them or they get stolen. We do a full insurance appraisal so that you get what your jewellery is worth if the worst happens.


Jewellery and Watch

Bring us your broken or damaged goods. We do repairs on nearly any type of watch or jewellery and if we can’t we will help find a solution.


Watch batteries while you wait

We know that the world doesn’t stop just because your watch has. Bring it in and let us help get you back on track asap.

Prestige Showroom

Just pop in

Come and visit us and see whats new. Who knows the piece you’ve been looking for might be waiting for you. We have wide selection of ranges. Come say hi.

Bespoke Design

Contact us today

At Gerald Francis Jewellers, we have a comprehensive range of top quality diamonds, all graded and certified, and available in all colour spectrums, sizes and cuts.

We’re specialists in custom jewellery design and manufacture. We also offer comprehensive services in jewellery appraisal and insurance valuations.

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