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At Gerald Francis Jewellers, we have a comprehensive range of top quality diamonds, all graded and certified, and available in all colour spectrums, sizes and cuts.

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And don’t forget, we’re specialists in custom jewellery design and manufacture. We also offer comprehensive services in jewellery appraisal and insurance valuations.

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About Rudi

The jewellery trade saw the arrival of Rudi Campbell in the late 70’s when he joined a company called Transvaal Tiger’s Eye, sourcing and locating coloured gemstones. He joined Gerald Francis Jewellers in 1983 as a sales assistant, planting the seed for what was to become a long and illustrious career in the trade. The two owners at the time, Roger Francis and Gerald Fearnside, noticed a passion in the young man and swiftly took him under wing.

A couple of years later Gerald left the company leaving Roger as the sole owner. Roger and Rudi worked very well together and in 1988 Roger offered Rudi 50% shares in the business. At the time Rudi could only afford 10% but he now had a foot firmly planted and was on his way to making a respectable name for himself in the trade. Roger and Rudi worked side by side for the next few years until 1994, when Roger decided to emigrate leaving Rudi as the sole owner of Gerald Francis Jewellers.

Now, with more than 30 years experience in the trade, Rudi is, quite comfortably, a master at what he does. With an eery skill and a supernatural eye for jewellery design and manufacture he has the ability to visualise a creation before it comes to fruition. Experience earned over so many years has given Rudi the knowledge to advise you on the best possible course for your original idea and he will guide you effortlessly to an end result that is sure to please.

Rudi is a holder of the GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) diamond grading certificate. He is also a qualified jewellery valuator, holding the certified valuator certificate earned through the Gemmological Association of South Africa.


About Sheila

Sheila kicked off her career working on London’s Charter House street as a rough diamond sorter. She arrived in South Africa in 1983 and joined Gerald Francis Jewellers in 1985 sparking a 23 year tenure with the company.

Sheila is an admin wizz and she has been invaluable to us in keeping the business running smoothly but her talents do reach further. She is experienced in jewellery valuating and has a talented and creative eye for design.

Sheila is a holder of the certificate in diamond grading earned through the Gemmological Association of South Africa.

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